Our Blender Delivery System is designed to meet EPA and OSHA silica dust requirements. This system consists of the following features:

  • Sealed containers with 47,000 lbs. capacity

  • Carbon steel construction with a solid frame for many years of service

  • Rust inhibitor and “cement coating” inside and out

  • Large fork lift channels to facilitate larger equipment

  • Stackable 2 units high on the well site to conserve space

  • Positioning and locking pins topside for safe stacking

  • Container storage on-site footprint is less than 3,000 square feet

  • Total pad space is +/- 7,000 square feet

  • Transportable on 12 or 20-foot chassis or drop deck flatbeds

  • 3 containers on distribution stands, all accessible from one side for easy loading and unloading while maximizing pad space

  • Container to distribution hopper connection is sealed to mitigate silica dust

  • Proppant is released through the calibrated distribution hopper gate to deliver the prescribed amount of proppant per tonnage per minute to the enclosed t-belt

Time is saved, labor dollars are reduced, demurrage is mitigated 

This all adds up to savings for the silica sand provider, logistics company and onsite E&P operator.  The daily required amount of sand is onsite ready to be used as the operation requires.  No more sand trucks lined up for hours waiting to unload to a silo and/or other storage facilities only to be move yet again to additional equipment in front of the blender.