Intermobile Container

 Intermobile Container, LLC was founded in 2014. Engineering, development & testing completed along with the domestic and international patents in 2015. The 550 and 725 model containers entered the markets as the best aggregate transportation and storage containers in the world.  Worldwide acceptance and environmentally friendly. Certified for the complete Intermodal transportation chain, over the road, rail & container vessel.  


Proudly built in the United States with American made parts and materials. With the capability to meet our customers' needs quickly and efficiently.


We have forged partnerships with distributors, financial institutions and logistics companies with domestic as well as international capabilities and partners. Our partners all have the same "can do" attitudes to insure that our customer are 100% satisfied. 



Jim Trudell, CEO

Mr. Trudell is a founding member of Intermobile Container in 2014 and became the majority owner in 2016.  He strategically positioned the Intermobile Container brand to become a leader in the dry bulk transportation and storage industry.   His organizational skills helped attract and recruit seasoned professionals from the energy and transportation sectors to provide a talented, knowledgeable and skilled leadership team to manage Intermobile Container, LLC.

He has taken the company from a small start-up to a recognizable brand throughout the industry.  He pioneered the combination pneumatic/gravity discharge container.  He was instrumental in bringing the Intermobile Container manufacturing back from China to a US based manufacture in Cleveland, Ohio.  His leadership continues to push the boundaries to uncover additional applications and opportunities.

His vision has taken the container from aggregates to a litany of products that are currently transported throughout the world.  Mr. Trudell’ motto is, "If the product is shipped in super sacks, more than likely it can be shipped in the Intermobile Portable Hopper Container." He holds a degree in Business Management from Pima College.

Keith Triche, COO

Mr. Triche joined Intermobile Container in July 2016 after a 37-year career with Texaco & Chevron managing the safety and compliance sectors both domestically and internationally. He is leading our Operations Department to provide the right equipment to meet our customers’ demands and deliver the equipment with all the correct safety features required by both customer and government compliance.  His vast knowledge in offshore safety has helped Intermobile Container build and provide the safest equipment available for the energy and shipping sectors.  

Charles Ofner, CTO

Mr. Ofner joined Intermobile Container in February 2016.  He has over forty years in the international energy business. Bulk of his career was with major offshore drilling contractor, Reading & Bates Corporation and its successor company, R&B Falcon Corporation.  Had successive positions of increasing responsibility in operations, marketing, business development and finance.  Career included eighteen years in overseas assignments in Middle East, Southeast Asia and London.  Later he was with two oil service startups in Libya and Liberia.  He holds Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees from the University of Texas and attended the Advanced Management Training course at the Harvard Business School.

Ken Keating, CFO

Mr. Keating joined Intermobile Container in June 2015.  He has successfully owned and operated several businesses as well as held numerous corporate executive positions including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Regional Vice President.  He is an Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the IRS.  He has extensive experience in accounting, bookkeeping and operational management. In addition, he holds the premier CEBS (Certified Employee Benefits Specialist) designation from the Wharton School of Business and International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans. This certification demonstrates expertise in the areas of employee benefits, human resources, and payroll/compensation management, as well as pension and retirement planning. His leadership and skills has provided Intermobile Container with strong and stable financial partners and his dedication to detail has allowed Intermobile to grow and adjust to changing business climates.

Andy Trudell, VP, Operations

Andrew has been with Intermobile Container from inception and has held many positions including leading the design and implementation of the order, tracking, logistics and delivery process.  He wrote & designed the operating manual, and all internal operating procedures.  He works with our engineering firm to design and implement new products and modifications.  His acclimate to detail has help define the Intermobile Portable Hopper Container as a versatile global product.